Piece of History: Extra! Extra!

I just returned from more demolition work at the house.  Things are going great preparing the floors for the plaster tear out.  As I’ve torn out the carpet, I’ve found underneath it some vinyl flooring that was left in place when the carpet was installed.

Tonight I removed this vinyl in one of the bedrooms and discovered that it was installed in July 1954.  How do I know this with such precision?  Because the person who installed it used pages from the Saint Paul Dispatch as underlayment.

newspaper underlayment

I found some of the front page stories interesting.  A couple talked about the latest efforts of Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his Subcommittee on Investigations and the latest advance of the “Reds” into Hanoi.  There was also a story about the Saint Paul City Attorney announcing that he was not going to run for governor.  The reason I found this so interesting is the concept that we barely learn about the most influential governors in Minnesota history, let alone the people who lose their election or who were popular at one time but did not pursue the office.  These people fade into the backdrop of history as they pass away and the memory of them fades.

We've hit subfloor!

Let’s hope there are more gems like these that are uncovered as we go!

UPDATE: Close ups of some of the 20+ pages of newspaper:


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