Demolition in Review

So now that Phase I of demolition is complete, I thought I’d update everyone on the flurry of activity over the last week.

In the past week we tore out all of the old plaster in the house (save the kitchen ceiling), tore out almost all of the lath on the second floor and about three-quarters of the lath on the first floor, and filled over a dozen large bags with old cellulose loose fill insulation.  This completely filled a 20 cubic yard dumpster (with a little left over) and got us a huge step closer to the real renovation.

The next major step for us will be doing a lot of very precise measurements so that I can prepare architectural drawings of our renovation plans.  Once I have those drawings, we can apply for a building permit and start that work.  Even though it’s not required of us under grandfathering laws, we will be bringing as much of the house up to current building code as possible during the renovations.  As long as we have open access to the wall cavities there is no real reason not to do some simple fixes to make our house more structurally sound and fire-resistant.

Fortunately for us, the demolition revealed that most of the structural components of the house are still in very good shape.  There doesn’t even appear to be any water damage on the roof.  The only real place where there was water damage was behind the chimney.  The studs against the chimney literally fell out of the wall when the plaster was removed.  This rot will be easy to repair as that part of the house is only one story tall.

There is a caveat that I should insert here in that I only gave a cursory look to all of these parts.  Over the next week I will be going through stud by stud, joist by joist, with a flashlight and a probe to make absolutely sure.


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