The Bedroom Plans

As of yesterday, the dumpster has been picked up and we are officially done with tear-out in the upstairs.  So the question is: what are we going to do with it?  Right now the layout looks like this:

Click “more” to see our vision for this space.

Currently, the bedrooms upstairs are relatively small, and honestly, we have no need for two rooms up here.  You’ll also notice the hip ceiling in the second photo, something that significantly reduces the usability of each space.  Based on our wants and needs, here is our plan for revamping the upstairs:

The first thing we’ll be doing is taking down the interior walls.  None of them are load-bearing, so it gives us a lot of freedom in how we change things.  After taking out walls, we’ll put up a couple walls south of the stairwell to create a walk-in closet.  It’ll be large (about 5’6″ x 14′), but it is really the only closet in the house, so I’m sure we’ll be able to fill it.  In my 3D visualization, I put in a pocket door for the closet, but yesterday on my blog roll I found something much better:

Via Apartment Therapy

I am totally inspired by this idea of an non-conventional sliding door.  It’s functional in that it’s footprint is smaller than a hinged door, and aesthetically it fits so well with the farmhouse theme.  What do you think?

The rest of the room will be open to give a nice, spacious feel.  The bed will likely be on the south side of the house and an entertainment area with a couch and a TV on the north end.  At some point (maybe not this year), we will add two dormers to the east side of the house to bring in some extra light (and give the house a little more curb appeal).

So that’s the plan!  There are a number of details we haven’t quite decided on yet, such as carpeting or wall color, but I think this is a good first step.  Comment to let us know what you think!

3D layouts courtesy of FloorPlanner.


About Leigh

Born and raised in Rochester, MN, Leigh moved to the Twin Cities in 2004 for college. She stayed, and now works for a south metro city in the recycling department. In February of 2011, she and Paul bought a neglected farm house in the city to start our own urban hobby farm.

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