Journey to the Past

Editor’s Note: My apologies to those who subscribe to our site and received an email with a broken link.  An error in my publish schedule put the post live before it was finished.  I am still getting the hang of the WordPress CMS–thank you for your patience!

Our next door neighbors sent Paul an email a couple of days ago with another glimpse into the history of the house.  These photos were from their grandma’s photo album, which I think would put us in maybe the 1930s or 40s?  There’s a photo of a truck after the jump, so if someone knows about historic cars please let me know if I’m guessing the correct decade.

A Dunn family portrait

Click “More” for the rest of the photos.

House and carriage house, in it's former glory. Anyone know what year that truck is from?

A couple of things I noticed right away about the above two photos.  First of all, how gorgous is the carraige house here?  Especially in comparison to its current state.  I can’t wait for it to look like that again, wow.  Secondly, I find it interesting that the two doors on the side of the house seem to both be original to the house.  For those of you who have been to the house, it seems peculiar that there are two exterior doors to the same mud room–one with a stoop, and one that is at ground-level.  Well, it’s still a mystery why it’s like that, but at least now we know that it’s always been that way.  Any old-house buffs know anything about this layout?

Building the side porch. Again being driven to depression that the beautiful clapboard siding is no longer.

I love all these old photos.  If we get sent any more, I’ll definitely be posting them.


About Leigh

Born and raised in Rochester, MN, Leigh moved to the Twin Cities in 2004 for college. She stayed, and now works for a south metro city in the recycling department. In February of 2011, she and Paul bought a neglected farm house in the city to start our own urban hobby farm.

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  1. My guess on the truck would be a 1929 Ford Model A farm truck, based on the shape of the fender and the type of wheels.

    • Brendan Behrens

      It is a Ford Model AA (Model A was the sedan) that was manufactured between 1927 and 1932. So, you are correct that it could be from 1929.

  2. I can’t believe that the clothes line poles that are still on the property are from the 1930s!

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