Construction Update

(Editor’s [Leigh’s] Note: Because of the renovations, Paul has been spending all of his spare time at the house.  Luckily for us, he made a few minutes to give us some updates.  I’m happy to announce his return to the blog to discuss some of the work he’s been doing over the past couple weeks.  Paul’s previous posts here)

Among the many other projects going on at the house, I have lately been working on changing the locations of walls for a couple of the rooms in the house.

The newly-framed upstairs closet

Last month we took down all the interior walls upstairs to move us toward the open floor plan that we want. I just completed the second phase of that transition—framing the new walk-in closet.  Even though I’ve done a fair amount of framing in the past, this project was an interesting challenge for me for a couple of reasons.  First, I’ve never before framed a wall against a hipped ceiling.  The challenge in this wasn’t in the actual cutting and framing (I just used a 32° cut instead of a 90° cut), but it was in tying the two sections of wall together.  Since, I couldn’t use the usual method of tying them together at the second top plate, I got a little aggressive with nailing the pieces together where they meet just to be sure everything was sound.  Second, our exterior walls are not perfectly plumb (120 years of settling means that our walls bow outward just slightly) and I had neglected to address this before raising the wall.  I solved the problem with shimming, but it would have been easier to address it at the beginning.  I consider it a lesson learned for the rest of the house.

Closing off the old opening to the 1st floor office/bedroom

The other major framing has occured in the wall between what will be our living room and office.  To solve yet another problem that we’ve encountered, we are moving the door into the office from the far right side of the wall to the far left.  This means that I needed to cut some of the current studs (thankfully non-load-bearing) and frame a new rough opening for the door.  Then I added new studs to the current opening to seal it off.  At least this project is pretty standard framing.  It just takes time to do all the cutting and nailing.

The next step will be framing our new bathroom, after which we will have all of our new rooms framed!


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  1. It looks awesome…thanks again for the blog keeping us all up to date on the renovations. I can’t wait for the finished product.

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