Photo of the Week: Green

Photo of the Week took a little bit a hiatus during the moving process, but now we’re back in business!

This is the part of our property farthest from the road.  It’s separated from the rest of the yard by a menacing-looking, mangled metal fence, and to be honest, we just have not had the time to take care of it.  So the grasses have grown up to about knee-height.  The deer that live in the county-owned forest behind the property certainly seem to be making it work–I’ve seen the neighborhood herd (about eight or so) frolicking around back there at least twice.  My dad called it “the back 40” at one point, which I just looked up.  Actually quite fitting:

Origin: shortened form of “back 40 acres.” A land owner or farmer who has developed part of their property (e.g. planted crops or use the land for cattle grazing) may refer to their undeveloped land as the “back X,” where X is some number of acres. “Forty” has become the popular number to cite when using this expression.  (Online Slang Dictionary)

Yeah, it’s undeveloped all right.


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