Weekend Updates (Part 2)

I have run out of roof-related puns, so it’s boring post titles for now.  But hey, how can I not post about our progress on the roof?  I’m happy to say that last week we finished one section of roof!  Let’s take a look:

Before, middle and after re-roofing the west section of the 2nd floor roof.

Here’s a close-up of the new roof surface:

Close-up of the new "chateau green" shingles. We haven't taken down the roof jacks yet, but you get the idea.

One section done, three to go!  Luckily, each section hereafter should go much more quickly, since we pretty much know the drill at this point.  Which, I’m just now realizing, I haven’t really described here yet!  I know it by memory by now, so here goes:

Roofing: the drill

  1. Remove old shingles and underlayment
  2. Check and repair any decking issues
  3. Install drip edge at bottom edge of roof
  4. Adhere ice barrier across the bottom six feet of roof
  5. Put roofing felt on the remaining decking
  6. Install drip edge up the gable ends
  7. Put starter course across the bottom edge
  8. Lay shingles, starting at the bottom corner and going across the roof horizontally
  9. Lay each row of shingles until you reach the top of the roof
There’s little eccentricities here and there, but that’s the general idea.  We started on the second section of the 2nd floor roof on Sunday, and were able to complete steps 4-8 and part of 9.  The shingling is a little slower at the moment because Paul’s been working on a solution to our chimney problems.  I’ll probably be posting about that in more specificity sometime this week.
Other updates from the week:
  • My Aunt Kate and cousin Emma visited our house last Wednesday, which was such a treat!  Paul got to meet Kate and Emma for the first time, and special thanks to Emma for helping me patch the tarp we just took off the second floor roof.
  • The rose bushes I featured in one of my Photo Of The Week posts a while back [here] refuse to give up, and one of them even flowered briefly last week!  I don’t have a photo because I had forgotten my camera that day… and when I came back the next day the flower had been eaten by bugs.  I think if the bushes survive this year I will no choice but to keep them, in appreciation of their insane determination to survive.
  • On Sunday, there was a backhoe sitting in the middle of the Buddhist Meditation Center’s property.  We looked it up in the online city records, and they seem to have pulled a building permit to put in a foundation and move a house to the property.  More on that as it develops!

About Leigh

Born and raised in Rochester, MN, Leigh moved to the Twin Cities in 2004 for college. She stayed, and now works for a south metro city in the recycling department. In February of 2011, she and Paul bought a neglected farm house in the city to start our own urban hobby farm.

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  1. Georgia Lauritzen

    Roofing — next it will be re-siding or is it residing? Your rose bushes (or bush) mix plain old dish detergent with water, put in spray bottle and spray on leaves. It works.

  2. Sure was nice to get to see your wonderful house—and great to meet Paul in person. Sorry we could not stay and help for a while.

    BTW, you were right, my friend on Benjamin NE DOES live in Minneapolis, not St. Paul. Not sure how I had that misperception for so many years…..details, details.

    Neat picture of the spider. Emma was sure it was a black “window”.
    Have to show her a picture of a real one of those someday.

  3. Georgia Lauritzen

    There was a newspaper (real paper!) about the beetles eating the roses in the Lake Harriet Rose Garden. The comment was made that even though the beetles attacked the bushes this year you should not junk them. They will most likely be fine next year. So leave them be where they are. Spray them down and mulch or cover them before the first frost.

    • It’s actually really great to hear that the roses aren’t goners for good. I think all the roofing stuff that’s fallen on them hasn’t helped either, but as I said, they’re hardy little buggers! I’ll get them covered up this fall and then see what happens this spring. I have a pesky ash sapling that keeps coming back in that area too… I’m going to have to get it out of there before the summer’s over. That’ll give the roses less competition, too.

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