Window Treatment

One of the projects that has been on our list for a significant amount of time is the replacement of 11 of our windows, and the addition of two windows.

West kitchen window as of last year.

Last May, we bought all 13 windows, thinking we would get them installed in August or September.  However, roofing ended up taking more than a month longer than anticipated, and the boxes of windows ended up sitting in the garage for the rest of the year. Luckily, because of the exceptionally mild winter, we were able to get three replaced in January.  I’d never seen a whole window installed before, so I thought I would share the process of putting in the west kitchen window.

Window be-gone! Now with 100% less window!

Taking out the window was relatively quick — less than a half hour, most of which just consisted of pulling nails.  The next step was to add a proper header above the window and re-frame the rough opening based on the size of the new window. And that meant un-boxing the first window!  It was like window Christmas.

New window, just out of the box. Can you call a window sexy? Because I would describe this window as sexy.

We decided to keep the same window-pane style as was on the house before, with two panes on both the upper and lower window (see first photo for reference). I think this kept that nice, simple farmhouse feel that we are going for.

Next was putting the window into place.  The installation instructions that came with the window made this pretty straight-forward.  And then it was in!  Behold:

There must be some computer nerd joke I can make about installing Windows...well, let's not and say we did.

This was really where it ended for the day; two more windows were put in (the other kitchen window and the office window), and then the weather became a bit more wintery for a while.  The final part of the installation process was just done a few weeks ago: putting on the trim.  Paul and my dad cut the rough-sawn cedar boards and I primed and painted them.  The process of putting the trim on took about half a day, just getting things fitted and then doing all the caulking and sealing.  Here’s the finished product:

Look at that magnificent window. Look at it. ARE YOU LOOKING!?

I think it looks glorious.  We still have a relatively long row to hoe, since we’re only 3 for 13, but the hope is that getting everything put together won’t be so bad now that we’ve gotten the hang of it.


About Leigh

Born and raised in Rochester, MN, Leigh moved to the Twin Cities in 2004 for college. She stayed, and now works for a south metro city in the recycling department. In February of 2011, she and Paul bought a neglected farm house in the city to start our own urban hobby farm.

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  1. I love your new windows! We are also planning on replacing all of the windows in our farmhouse. I looked into Andersen’s, but we have curved tops on our windows and it was just too cost prohibitive.

  2. Yes! New windows are a glorious thing. I love how easy they are to open and close and let the outside in.

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