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Exterior Update

It’s always good to look back and see where we’ve been.  I figured I’d pull together some of the photos of the front of the house so you all can see the progress.  I think it largely speaks for itself:

(Click picture to enlarge.)

So, after taking down the Christmas lights, we re-roofed the main house and painted the stucco grey.  We also put new cedar fascia boards on both the 1st and 2nd floor eaves.  I put some landscaping bricks around the front and planted some glossy chokeberry bushes I got from work.  After that I scraped the old, chipping paint off the window and door trim, re-primed and then painted all of it dark green.  I also took out the old, accidentally painted outer basement windows, put in window wells and well-covers on.  Paul’s mom helped me repaint the stucco scallops along the ground so the white really pops.  Next I took off all six storm windows, cleaned them and spray-painted them white.  Most recently, we replaced the screen door.  Not too bad!

Still lots to do, but I definitely feel like this has been one of the more impressive transformations thus far.


Before & After: Lawn Chairs

To break up the big tasks (roofing, landscaping, painting), I’ve found a couple of small “beautification projects” to do in my spare time.  As such, I bring you a new segment: Before & After!  Kind of an unoriginal name, but it’s straightforward, and that’s the type of gal I am.  Since this is the first one, I’ll start with a simple one: repainting some lawn chairs.

Among so many other things, the previous owner of this house left behind a plethora of assorted plastic lawn chairs.  Most of them were broken to pieces, but a few of them were in okay condition.  They’ve been sitting behind the garage for a few months now, and I finally decided I wanted to use them.  Here’s the state they were in beforehand:

Lawn chairs, before.

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