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Historically-interesting items uncovered during our renovation

Piece of History: Knob & Tube

It’s been a while since I did a Piece of History post, mainly because we’ve done most of our tear-out and there’s not much left to find at this point.  However, as we complete the electrical work, it seems fitting to talk about the wiring system we removed.

How many times has this house been rewired? (my guess is that this is number 3).

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Piece of History: If Walls Could…Whinny?

A couple of weeks ago when we tore out the kitchen cabinets, we found some pretty cool old wallpaper (which, of course, I took photos of).  Well, as we were tearing out the plaster this past weekend, I found yet another pattern of wallpaper that once graced this kitchen.

Pieces of plaster from kitchen with neat wallpaper pattern. Kind of stylish, eh?

If your monitor has a high enough resolution to notice something bizarre and a little disturbing about this photo, click “More” to find out what it is.

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Piece of History: Nailed It

Paul found this as he was taking down the plaster in the upstairs bedrooms, sticking out of the door frame.

This one’s not rocket science, but let’s do this anyway.  Click for more…

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Piece of History: Extra! Extra!

I just returned from more demolition work at the house.  Things are going great preparing the floors for the plaster tear out.  As I’ve torn out the carpet, I’ve found underneath it some vinyl flooring that was left in place when the carpet was installed.

Tonight I removed this vinyl in one of the bedrooms and discovered that it was installed in July 1954.  How do I know this with such precision?  Because the person who installed it used pages from the Saint Paul Dispatch as underlayment.

newspaper underlayment

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