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Exterior Update

It’s always good to look back and see where we’ve been.  I figured I’d pull together some of the photos of the front of the house so you all can see the progress.  I think it largely speaks for itself:

(Click picture to enlarge.)

So, after taking down the Christmas lights, we re-roofed the main house and painted the stucco grey.  We also put new cedar fascia boards on both the 1st and 2nd floor eaves.  I put some landscaping bricks around the front and planted some glossy chokeberry bushes I got from work.  After that I scraped the old, chipping paint off the window and door trim, re-primed and then painted all of it dark green.  I also took out the old, accidentally painted outer basement windows, put in window wells and well-covers on.  Paul’s mom helped me repaint the stucco scallops along the ground so the white really pops.  Next I took off all six storm windows, cleaned them and spray-painted them white.  Most recently, we replaced the screen door.  Not too bad!

Still lots to do, but I definitely feel like this has been one of the more impressive transformations thus far.


Photo of the Week: Autumn Improvements

Not too much to take photos of nowadays — leaves are off the trees, house is pretty much done being painted for the year, and the indoors is currently quite the mess as we prepare for the impending winter.  Now’s a great time to take a snapshot of what we accomplished this summer/fall, while the weather’s still favorable.


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Paint Schmaint

Over the past week, I’ve been taking advantage of the autumn heat wave and dry snap to do more painting.  The house officially has 5 gallons of paint on it, which ended up equating to about half the stucco.  50% completion ain’t bad!

South side of the house, painting complete!

I bought another five gallon bucket a few days ago, and hope to get at least the back (east side) of the house painted this year still.

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Photo of the Week: House Paint

I’ll admit it — this post is purely celebratory.  Because one surface of the house is painted!  Take a look:

Front of the house + fresh coat of paint = love!

Of course, a couple thank yous are in order: Paul’s mom was essential to the crisp detail work around the scallops at the bottom, and my friend Aleks came over last Friday to help with the arduous task of painted around all of the doors and windows.  Thank you both!

[to see the “before” and “during” photos of this part of the house, go to my previous paint-related post, Painting Primer.]