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Exterior Update

It’s always good to look back and see where we’ve been.  I figured I’d pull together some of the photos of the front of the house so you all can see the progress.  I think it largely speaks for itself:

(Click picture to enlarge.)

So, after taking down the Christmas lights, we re-roofed the main house and painted the stucco grey.  We also put new cedar fascia boards on both the 1st and 2nd floor eaves.  I put some landscaping bricks around the front and planted some glossy chokeberry bushes I got from work.  After that I scraped the old, chipping paint off the window and door trim, re-primed and then painted all of it dark green.  I also took out the old, accidentally painted outer basement windows, put in window wells and well-covers on.  Paul’s mom helped me repaint the stucco scallops along the ground so the white really pops.  Next I took off all six storm windows, cleaned them and spray-painted them white.  Most recently, we replaced the screen door.  Not too bad!

Still lots to do, but I definitely feel like this has been one of the more impressive transformations thus far.


Photo of the Week: Autumn Improvements

Not too much to take photos of nowadays — leaves are off the trees, house is pretty much done being painted for the year, and the indoors is currently quite the mess as we prepare for the impending winter.  Now’s a great time to take a snapshot of what we accomplished this summer/fall, while the weather’s still favorable.


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Winded (?) Out

Today’s post would probably be about how we finished the roof… except it’s not.  Goodness knows we’ve been stymied by weather a lot lately, but usually it’s rain (or the threat thereof).  Today, our roof-finishing plans were thwarted by (drumroll)… the wind.  The forecast yesterday predicted 40mph wind gusts, and Mother Nature did not disappoint.  Here’s what a local weather station near in our area was recording for wind speed earlier:

Credit:, a great weather website that allows private citizens to upload live weather data from their personal weather stations. This graph is from one about 2 miles from our house. In other news, private citizens now have their own weather stations, complete with internet connectivity. Who knew?

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Raise the Roof

I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t given a post this title until now.  So, how’s it going with the roof, you say?  Well, progress is being made!  Since my last roof post we have finished one side of the roof over the kitchen/mud room, and are now in the middle of finishing up the second side.  This roof was legitimately harder than the last, despite the fact that it is considerably flatter than the 2nd floor roof.  The difficulty was only somewhat expected: we knew that the flashing along the stucco would be a little time consuming, but what we didn’t expect was:

The ants.

Yes, carpenter ants had taken up residence in part of our roof over the mudroom.  The problem, we deduce, was that the metal lip above the door to divert water away from the doorway when it rained.  It seems it didn’t direct the water very well, so it just sat on the roof and apparently seeped into the wood over time.  Not such a great thing for a house, but perfect for carpenter ant food/living space.  A lot of the mudroom roof deck and sub deck was rotted out and/or eaten by ants, which meant ripping it all out and starting from scratch.  We ended up tearing out the bottom three feet of the mudroom roof:

Part of the mudroom roof torn off, exposing the cavities from above.

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