The Plan

There is a lot to do before we can declare this house “finished” (is a house ever considered finished?). Here’s a running list of the tasks that need to be completed to undo the neglect and allow us to move in.

Plan for 2014:

  • Finish all drywall mudding on 1st floor.
  • Prime and paint all interior walls and ceilings on 1st floor.
  • Install new soffit and fascia on exterior of house.
  • Finish window interiors: install extension jams and trim, stain, seal.
  • Paint and install kitchen cabinets and counter top. Install kitchen appliances.
  • Carpet 1st floor office.
  • Re-seed backyard where geothermal lines were put in.
  • Remove “weed trees” from north yard and replace with fruit trees.
  • Add lilacs to area between house and garage.
  • Sand, scrape and repaint garage siding.

Plan for 2013:

  • Rewire the main floor to replace the knob-and-tube wiring.
  • Install new beams across living room and office ceilings to stabilize 2nd floor.
  • Replace the mud room windows (last 3 windows out of the 13 we bought).
  • Install new soffit and fascia on exterior of house.
  • Refinish maple kitchen floor.
  • Re-insulate with foam insulation for energy efficiency.
  • Install sheet rock to replace plaster walls.
  • Install bathroom floor and fixtures.
  • Re-plumb kitchen with new Pex piping. [drain/vent plumbing complete].
  • Paint and install kitchen cabinetry, and add appliances in kitchen.
  • Have new geothermal system installed (no more fuel oil!!).
  1. are you working with the landscape yet? I have lots of cone flowers and rebecka (black eyed susans) that are coming out of my garden. Interested? they are both native mn plants….and pretty, too.

    • Thanks for the offer! Unfortunately we are not at the landscaping stage yet and since we don’t have running water we couldn’t properly tend to them. We are probably going to do the lion’s share of the landscaping next year. I can’t wait until we are finished with all this construction and we can start thinking about things like plants!

  2. Hi Leigh! Thanks for visiting the Hudson Building blog. Let me know if you have any questions about the geothermal system install and maintenance experience! I had a system installed in 2008 (previously using propane for heating). You need a large, rather flat, unwooded space… Pro: get your yard graded in the process!

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